I’ll have a soda in English, please

You don’t need to go abroad to enjoy a drink or a meal and practice your English. In São Paulo there are many places you can go and have a good time at the same time you can be served and carry a conversation in another language.

Apart from major hotels and their bars and restaurants, some international chains offer the option of serving their clients in English upon previous reservation. Outback, an Australian-themed steakhouse and Applebee’s, and American styled diner, are good options. Both serve delicious, traditional foreign recipes! Check their websites for addresses and availability.

Irish pubs are great places not only to talk to the bartender but also to the people you’ll find there. O’Malley’s, near Avenida Paulista, is a popular spot among foreigners visiting town. You can start a conversation with the person sitting next to you as you have a sip of Guinness. Other places include Finnegan’s, in Pinheiros, and All Black, on Oscar Freire. Most pubs have special deals to attract sports fans. This month the main events are the UEFA 2012 soccer games. Call ahead to ask about times and reservations.

The streets around Rua Mourato Coelho in Vila Madalena also have some bars with English speaking staff and crowds since there’s a concentration of hostels in the area.

Invite your friends, brush up your English and give it a try! A great time and good laughs are guaranteed.