Tamires’ Wonderland of English

Conheça um pouco da trajetória desta aluna do CELLEP InSchool Padre Anchieta, Tamires Gama de Oliveira, de 19 anos, relatada em suas próprias palavras, em inglês – língua que escolheu estudar para se tornar profissional de educação.

When I first stepped into an English class, I felt scared. I used to be shy and afraid of being poked fun at by my classmates. I have vivid memories from that time. One of them is a test on how to use DO and DOES. It was my birthday, when I turned twelve years old. I remember being extremely nervous about the test. I got such a terrible grade! So I made up my mind and promised myself I’d never ever get that grade again! From that day on, I started studying more, encouraged by my teacher, and I had definitely fallen in love with this amazing English World.

Now, almost eight years later, I see how important the teachers are. They guide us through a difficult road helping us to solve problems and succeed at the end. Inspired by their passion for teaching I’ve decided to become one of them.

I’m a freshman at USP taking the Languages course. I’ve just started my English career giving private classes.

Studying at CEL LEP for four years I‘ve learned how to be a knowledgeable and resourceful teacher, inspired by my mentors Iolanda Krusnauskas, Iris Rosa and Rosane Angelo, to whom I’m deeply thankful for encouraging me to follow this amazing career.